Some questions to think about while waiting for a Corona-virus vaccine

  • Can the authorities force us all to get vaccinated?
  • You decide to have it for yourself. Can you push your children, your parents, your husband or your wife to have it too? Do you have the right to do this, can you control this?
  • Based on what aspects will you take the decision, what can influence you in a way or the other?
  • Will you just follow what the majority decides?
  • If you get the vaccine, but others in your community don’t, will you judge them or stop interacting with them?
  • If you are an employer, how would you consider the interaction between immunised employees and others that refused it?
  • If you are a parent, how would you react if some people from your children’s school refuse to get vaccinated? Will you let him continue learning in that environment?



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Valentina Roman

Valentina Roman

Project manager from Romania ☀️ Travelling through life as a journey of learning ✈️