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As I recently ended the “How to manage a remote team” course by GitLab and also started some new projects, I am more interested in how different teams work and what drives them to success.

I recently found out (thank you, @BogdanNitu) an idea that Nick Law, VP — Marcom Integration at Apple, stated some years ago. At that time he was working at R/GA while presenting an effective team as being composed by:

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The last few months have been challenging for all of us. Many still wonder about how technology and fresh thinking will help on reinventing work.

I’ve somehow remembered about reading “The Phoenix Project” by Gene Kim and felt the need to share with you some of my notes.

This book gathered some attention in time, lots of good and bad reviews. It brought me a very interesting perspective on business objectives, team politics and project management. At first hand, it seemed more like a technical reading, but in fact it is very interesting and easy to read (I listened it…

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Working from home in this pandemic got me wondering about multitasking, productivity and that work-life balance that everyone talks about. The same room is currently being a space for office virtual meetings, writing, cooking, parenting, sports, meditation or sex. Are we working from home or are we home working?

Talking to a friend from Austria that happens to be a business coach, he pointed out a tricky thing about working from home as it gives us the false feeling of increased productivity.

Are we really getting much more productive? Or is it just the fact that we actually work a…

„What are the triggers that change your mood, those things that disturb your inner balance?” someone smartly asked me the other days and it had me wondering since then.

Falsehood, hypocrisy, unkindness and injustice are things that bug me. So, I learned to shield them as possible by surrounding myself with things I enjoy and people I appreciate.

On the professional side, I really had quite some experiences that kept me awake at night and taught me a lot:

Companies rush to develop vaccines against the new corona-virus, and a fast-track one will be tried on people soon even though it has low proven technology.

While I am working from home, talking with colleagues and friends from all around the world, I’ve started to gather some opinions around one question: “If a vaccine against COVID-19 would be released now, would you take it for you and your family?”.

I’ve gathered different points of view, and I think the cultural specifics are also making a difference.

But, all things go around two main responses: “Yes, of course!” or “No, because…

We are all hackers in our life. Maybe we don’t see it, but we really are.

It’s in our way of doing stuff. And probably this will be the way for the next generations to come.

Remember when you were little, and your parents made you eat something that you didn’t like? And that at some point, you just threw it away and lied about eating it?

Or when you were preparing for a school exam, and you only studied some specific chapters because you’ve noticed that those are more mentioned by the teacher? That was hacking.

For sure, you…

Valentina Roman

Project manager from Romania ☀️ Travelling through life as a journey of learning ✈️

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